The “ Regional Po River Delta park” was established in 1988 and it is the widest park of the region, it contains the southern  side of the wide  Po’s deltic display,  and develops itself until the ancient historical delta and some Apennine  rivers’s mouth. A territory which frames  a majestic landscape, where ancient woods, pine forests s and oasis take turn with archeological presences, coming from Etruscan, Roman, Byzantine and also with Este Age architecture, without forgetting the signs of Delta’ s people, who lived in these places and helped to shape this area’s face with land reclamations and canalizations.

Tourist routes

-On boat into  Comacchio’s wetlands: the  discovering of “ the old fishermen’s buildings”
It is a naturalistic-historical excursion, on board of the only authorized boat,  which allows to perceive the unique characters of the wetlands. Surrounded by a hundred birds, like pink flamingos, you will sail with a tourist guide  into the ancient Po watercourse, discovering the fishing places and a suggestive landscape. The visit includes a stop in the old fishermen’s buildings (Pegoraro and Serilla), whose furnishings and equipment recount the daily life of those who dedicated themselves to fishing.
Trips daily from March to the end of October, at the following times: 9.00-11.00, and 15.00- 17.00 (runs if there are at least 10 passengers)
for booking: 340.2534267(from 8.30 to12.30, and from 14.30 to 17.30)

-Comacchio and his wetlands on boat in Valle Fattibello
Trips on boat into Comacchio ‘s wetlands. The excursion is on an electric boat suitable for river and lagoon navigation, because it has flat bottom ,good to sail in shallow waters. The trip starts from the” Darsena of Cappuccini” close to the wonderful portico next to “Santa Maria in Aula Regia Church”; then  trip goes on along the “Canale Navigabile” in “Valle Spavola” direction, crossing “Valle Fattibello”. Along the trip  you are going to see a lot of white albatross, cinerini, little egrets  and ducks. From “ Valle Spatola” you reach the “Canale Logonovo”.From here you will come back to” Darsena of Cappuccini”.
Day excursions. Saturday, Sunday, and  Public holidays, from March to the end of October, at the following times:10.00-16.00 (runs if there are at least 10 passengers) . the trip lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes .
For booking  340.2534267 (from 8.30-12.30 to 14.30-17.30)